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Public Training Manual_Final.pdf
A step-by-step guide to creating a memory map using Reclaim Hosting, Omeka and Neatline (draft document)



noel bonna night 01.mp3
A short description of the experience of bonfire night in Cork. The customs and traditions around the fire, gathering different materials for burning in preparation for bonfire night and preventing them from being stolen by rival gangs.

fergal crowley cinemas bounce mono_01.mp3
A description of all the cinemas in Cork city and the varying and distinctly different experiences they offered, from what was considered the best to the worst

madrai bowl photo 320x320.jpg

pat obrien madra mono_01.mp3
An excerpt from an oral history interview wherein the narrator describes a concrete dog drinking bowl on Patrick Street.

Phil Corcoran 320x320.jpg

phil choc crumb mono_01.mp3
Excerpt from an oral history interview where the narrator reflects on memories of sweet treats and robbing apples in her youth.

Pat McCarthy girl called Valera final.mp3
Excerpt from an oral history project where the narrator reflects on the power of the Catholic Church and how the father of one family was adamant that his daughter would be named Valera despite protestations.
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