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Bernie_McLoughlins_The Assems_final_Master.ogg
Bernie McLoughlin recalls the old Assembly Rooms cinema on South Mall.

It's always exciting I think for anyone moving away from home for the first time and realize you actually have to buy your own milk. It's one of the things, because we, I grew up on a farm and it was the first time I ever had to buy milk in my life.…

I lived actually in Shandon Street for two years, my first two years, and eh, and when living there -- on Shandon Street there's that pub which is called the Old Reliable. And that's old man's pub, and you would rarely see a woman in there. Like you…

Fergal Crowley munster arcade composite final.mp3
Fergal describes working in the Munster Arcade and tells a few stories about the place.

As a child, Jim hated his daily chore of collecting waste for the family pigs while all his friends were playing football.

Michael O_Callaghan Farranree final.mp3
Excerpt from an oral history interview where the narrator reflects on his memories of returning to Cork on Holidays from London

Excerpt from an oral history interview where the narrator speaks of working in McKechnie's Cleaners, liberating some dresses in their care.

Michael_O_Callaghan_Gilabby Street.mp3
Excerpt from an oral history interview where the narrator reflects on memories of his grandmothers house in the 1960s

Excerpt from oral history interview where narrator reflects on his memories of leaving Cork on the Inisfallon, with vivid description of journey to and from England

Excerpt from the Memory Map where the Echo man Johnny Kelleher finds out from a friend who works at the mortuary that Christy Ring has died and passes the sad news onto Jack Lynch
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